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I use Alfred (a Spotlight search replacement on MacOS) for my calculator:
short gif showing Alfred's calculator functions

Here are the steps I took in the gif:

  1. Open Alfred with cmd + space.
  2. Input 5 + 5, which then shows me the result 10 in the "search results".
  3. Input an additional divide by 2 / 2, which gives me 7.5 (because PEMDAS).
  4. Delete the divide by 2, and hit the equal key = to change my input to the result 10.
  5. Divide 10 by 2 / 2 to get my new result of 5.
  6. Multiply by 5 * 5 to get 25.
  7. Hit enter to copy the result of 25 to my clipboard.
  8. Paste 25 to show that I copied it.

This is one of my favorite features of Alfred, especially how intuitive using it feels. I rarely have super lengthy math calculations. If I do need to keep track of everything, I end up using pry (another Ruby REPL) because I like the colors. :)


This is great. I guess I should look a bit further into what alfred does, but if it just does my sums that's good enough.


Alfred is amazing. I personally don't use it too intensively and definitely use the calculator the most out of all its features. I love that it has all sorts of features, even though I don't use a lot of them.

I do maths in Alfred and string operations in irb. So much easier than anything else I can think of!

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