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Discussion on: A brief difference between zsh and bash

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For me the biggest gain of Zsh is not the speed (I can't convince a fellow developer to save a few milliseconds every day :-P ) but the fact that it comes it themes and customizations. The Spaceship theme for example has been a real favourite, because it's easier on the eyes for long term use AND it actually saves me time due to the colour combinations giving me perspective faster.

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Spaceship is the beeeeeest

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Waylon Walker

I've been using the starship prompt lately. Takes care of everything I need out of the box.

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Jasmin Virdi Author

With starship, we don't have to worry much about the shell as it works on top of it and provides easy customizations. :)

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Jasmin Virdi Author • Edited

I love zsh themes. There are plenty to choose from and each has amazing colour contrast. I am using Avit will try Spaceship theme. It is a difference of few milliseconds but it is taking just twice the time and this can be useful when performing heavy operations !

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