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I've been using it for a few weeks now


  • JS/TS development is so much better on WSL than Windows
  • Docker
  • I can use a real shell


  • It blurs the line between OS and emulation layer, and not in a good way.
  • It's still Windows, and Windows likes to interrupt me while I work.
  • Some confusion as to which filesystem you're on. Your /home/youruser isn't /users/youruser
  • Missing a X11 server by default (but you can install one)

On a daily basis, I run Windows (gaming), Mac (work) and Linux (side projects). My personal OS preference is Elementary OS and I want hardware support for Linux to get better.

Which brings me to why I have a problem with how WSL is marketed. They're thinning out the word "Linux". If you ask them if Surface Pro runs Linux, you'll get a bullshit sales pitch about why WSL is better.

It's an emulation layer. A good one, sure. But doesn't replace the real thing.


Just came across this thread while setting up a new dev machine. Your first "Pro" caught my eye and I was wondering if you could expand on this point: "JS/TS development is so much better on WSL than Windows". I've done Angular (TypeScript) development both in straight Windows 10 and WSL as well as various flavors of Linux (mainly Ubuntu). What makes it better?

I want to like WSL but it just seems to add a layer of complexity rather than improving the experience. If there are good reasons to put up with the added layer that I am not aware of, I would be very interested in learning.



Mostly the whole Python, compile build stuff is less buggy on Linux than Windows. Then there are Windows paths that can cause issues.

I do absolutely agree that WSL adds complexity. If that complexity is worth it, I can’t say.

If you don’t have any issues. Then I wouldn’t change to WSL.

I totally get Python on WSL, I wouldn't do that on Windows without a gun to my head. I was mainly interested in what made JS/TS development better in WSL. If your opinion has changed, what changed it?

Thanks for replying to this old-ish thread!

My opinion hasn't really settled. What pushed me into the anti WSL direction was when I tried to get React Native running in WSL with an Android simulator on Windows. That was just painful to the point where I fetched my Linux laptop and plugged that in instead.

For JS/TS development I'd pick:

  1. Linux on ElementaryOS
  2. Mac
  3. Windows WSL
  4. Windows
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