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Your post reminded me of this:


Been there, struggled and probably thought whether I made the right decision at least 1000 times. I am, where I am, 0 regrets, and to be honest if I think now, If I would get a change to go back in time and do things different, I would, but then again, without trying I wouldn't never have realised which decision that I made was right and which was wrong.

However, the fact that you chose this path, at least for me, seems like a very good and wise decision, most people here find what they love and are passionate about, and quite often make then feel like they are never working, because they just enjoy what they do. Hopefully you will be one of those. Good Luck to you, stay strong.


Thank you for the encouragement Andrej! I absolutely agree. Whatever happens, we can't change decisions. We can only learn from them. It was hard to make this decision but I believe it is was the right one.

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