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📊 New JS Chart Features in AnyChart 8.9.0

AnyChart 8.9.0 is out. The latest major update brings new cool out-of-the-box features to this entire family of JavaScript charting libraries — AnyChart, AnyStock, AnyGantt, and AnyMap. Try the improved functionality to build even more compelling data visualizations in less time.

Quick highlights:

💥 Label text length limit
💥 Client-side CSV/XLSX export
💥 Finite trend channel annotation
💥 Volume-weighted average price indicator
💥 Gantt chart labels overlap
💥 Improved placement of the first and last labels
💥 Waterfall stack labels (multi-series)
💥 Automatic placement of polar points

Learn more about AnyChart 8.9.0 on the AnyChart blog.

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