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re: I have an iPhone 8 (iOS 13), 2017 MacBook Air (macOS Catalina) and an older iPad Mini (iOS 12).

Well then if you want to stay in that ecosystem then yes a Apple Watch is good but if you plan on getting out of that ecosystem as in getting an Android like the Galexy or Pixel and maybe buying another laptop like a Lenovo Thinkbook then a Fitbit is great.

I definitely don’t mind staying in the Apple ecosystem. I’ve been pretty happy with their products. It’s more about transferring music to my watch that wasn’t purchased through iTunes/Apple Music subscription.

Even though it was kind of a boring update, the always on screen helped me make the leap to get one finally.

I think of the Apple Watch as an investment in my health because I think it keeps me off my phone a bit and gets me moving. I’ve had it a couple weeks now and I’m really happy with the purchase.

Did you purchase the GPS + LTE version or just the GPS version? I’m still on the fence about that as well.

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