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Discussion on: Why Tailwind Isn't for Me

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Andrew Mason

To me it’s really a shift from Bootstrap. Almost every production app I’ve ever worked on ultimately has a bootstrap theme underneath all of the crap they layered on top over the years. The other issue is the jquery plugins these themes are written on are mostly unmaintained and written in a flavor of JS that causes issues with the type of build systems and tools that are now standard.

You’ve got great points as usual, but the reality is most teams don’t write code like and most developers only know where to find the answers to layout issues vs a deeper understanding of HTML & CSS.

Honestly I view Tailwind as a gateway for most teams. They don’t want to write css but they’ve seen the pain of pulling things off the shelf and want to try something else. Tailwind is great if you’re writing components and it brings them much closer to the type of code you’d like to see vs the opinionated all in one tool like Material and Bootstrap were (I know they have both changed a lot as well).

I do feel this was a bit of an unfair jab though:

And Bootstrap at least provides an open-source component library for free. If you use Tailwind, they ask you to pay for it.

Tailwind has always been very clear that they are a utility library, not a full fledged framework. No one is forcing teams do use it and I think as a community we should be excited they’ve been able to still put out their work for free and make money at the same time. And to to be fair bootstrap sells themes and the bootstrap theme economy is still massive.


Regardless I think people should definitely judge for themselves whether it will work for them or not and not follow the crowd and I applaud you for doing so.

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Jared White Author

Thanks for your thoughts Andrew. I think for me the disconnect there is I totally get why people like to use Tailwind for rapid prototyping. The thing is, if I'm going to pick a CSS framework to use for rapid prototyping, I don't want to write all my components from scratch, I want them already there for me. If I have to do the work of writing a ton of components, the value of using Tailwind to do so diminishes rapidly. Maybe I would feel differently if I were in the PSD-to-HTML business or something?

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Alex Martin

I understand you aren't interested in the paid optional TailwindUI component library. It's not for everyone.

But it isn't the only way to get ready-made Tailwind-styled components if you want them!

Check this free components repository: