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Andre Willomitzer
Andre Willomitzer

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And so begins my Open Source adventure.

Hello! My name is Andre Willomitzer. I am a student at Seneca College currently in my 5th semester of Computer Programming and Analysis. As you can see, I have a faithful fuzzy companion Rosie.

My programming journey initially began in 2017, when I was working at the Catholic School Board. I happened to see a few YouTube videos about programming (web development). When I first saw everything that went into making a web page I was amazed because when you use a website you don't think all that much about it. From there I bought a Udemy course called Zero To Mastery. I practiced for 6-7 months myself, but eventually decided to pursue schooling which is how I ended up at Seneca!

Although I am currently residing in Toronto, Canada, I know that through OSD600 at Seneca I will get the opportunity to interact with developers across the globe (even fellow students). One of my main goals of the program is to leverage knowledge by more experienced developers to learn how to improve my own code.

Another thing I hope to accomplish is to learn more about the web development realm such as working on browsers, using frameworks, testing, or using an API to solve a problem.

Overall, this is a very spooky experience doing everything in the open but one that I know will make me a stronger programmer.

The repo I have chosen to fork is:

I have chosen it because it has a variety of levels of difficulty for bugs, and has a variety of components that need fixing including even small CSS fixes.

All the best and happy coding everyone :)

Andre Willomitzer

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