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Honestly, the new macs are not much better. I have a 2011 Macbook Air and a 2018 Macbook Pro and I have fewer problems with overheating and performance with my old laptop.

Maybe you will get another 8 years.


I also held on for so long because Macbooks after 2015 until the new one with the decent keyboard seemed a bit less solid.
In theory I'm waiting for a 13" model with the new keyboard, but if all new models are delayed until 2021 for the supply problems due to the global pandemic, I might have to get the 16" if this stops functioning.

We'll see...


I stubbornly held on to my 2009 Macbook Pro with a ton of swapped parts until late last year. I had a 2015 and 2019 already but used the 2009 still for travel. My boyfriend took it on a work trip and I told him it has a case of explody battery and it was time to decommission it. I'm only willing to replace an old battery so many times haha

I am certainly with you on how they've been getting worse with overheating and performance, though. I really wanted more than 4 years of primary use out of the 2015, but it wasn't cutting it. And now I don't have a borked ruby installation, so yay


Some people say the 2015 MBP is the best laptop ever, maybe you got really unlucky :(

Glad you found a plan B!

My issue mainly was running games. "Quieter fans" may be true, but it's still an airplane taking off and clunky when Guild Wars 2 is opening/running. I ended up barely installing games on the new Mac, though, so whoops. I got a dedicated PC for Fallout games and have been playing my Switch more.

I'm not a gamer at all so take everything I'm going to say with a grain of salt but I have the feeling there's not much investment in gaming for Mac and the few games that are developed for it are less performant than their PC or console versions as you are hinting at, partly because of the size of the market and partly for other reasons (console gaming guarantees you that everyone has the same hardware?).

Anyway, I tried a couple of times to run things like Civilization (don't remember which version) and it wasn't so bad but it wasn't great either (performance wise).

The only thing I do know is that gaming and 3D are literally part of the benchmarks on which new hardware is measured/developed so I'm not surprised that it gets obsolete pretty quickly if measured in those terms.

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