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Is it getting better? No.

I have Angular 1 apps in productions that work well, are easy to update and maintain.
The new wave of javascript does not solve my problems other than being able to have isomorphic applications which in honest doesn't matter for B2B.

Two way binding of data just works.
I've moved over to mithril and couldn't be happier. Its a bit more work than Angular 1 but it has an insanely small js footprint, easy to open and read the code, and easy to learn.

React is monster, trying to get people to act conventionally with React is a nightmare.
Angular is more conventional, I wish it didn't borrow so much of them React paradigm
Vue feels like a true successor to Angular 1 is ease of use. I don't like its documentation, or libraries as they are poorly built

In ExamPro we still don't use any javascript framework. It's just not worth it.

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