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It varies for me. I try to limit it and use the weekend as family/me time. Some weeks "me time" involves coding, other weeks it does not.


I like to program. It's why I am paid to do it forty hours a week. To do even more would leave me with less time for life.

I would become irritated if called on a Sunday. Work does not own that time.

If it's not an emergency, it can wait.


No, I’m no coding saturdays too. I work for code at 13 years. In the moment I preferer enjoy my weekend with my friends or watching a series/movies on Netflix.


Hi, i don't work on weekends for my job. I don't answer phone calls or emails either. It's a set of boundaries that are healthy (and particular normal) for me. I work on the time i have agreed upon in a contract.


no. i am not coding on sundays. i am not usually coding outside work at all. at work i create. at home i mostly consume. read stuff, watch courses or create other type of content. but not coding. very very rarely.

and of course i do sports and spend time with kids and wife.
no coding. sorry. Β―_(ツ)_/Β―


I think it's important to relax. I may do a few hours on a weekend, but mostly my weekends are my downtime to unwind.


I don't often code on weekends anymore. If I do, it's a personal project.

I never work on weekends. My priorities include having a balanced life, and work is only part of life.


This is interesting as my attitude has always been "work is life"

I've heard of people with that mindset. Personally, work is just something I'm good at that pays well enough to fund the part of my life that matters more to me.


I don't. And I'll confess I'd like to. But weekend is for the kids

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