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Discussion on: My beautiful Linux development environment

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Andrew Brooks 👨‍💻 • Edited on

I love my Linux dev environment but ran into a ton of problems witth permissions when setting up Docker. Did you run into roadblocks with Docker on Linux? Any tips on setting it up? I eventually gave up on it for the time being but really want to learn the workflow soon and begin using for dev and prod. Great write-up, definitely bookmarking this!

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Deepu K Sasidharan Author

I setup docker with the user group suggested and everything was fine. I also changed the default docker directory to avoid eating space on root disk.

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Victor Silva • Edited on

I had some permissions-related issues with Docker on Linux too.
This is what solved them for me: (first section)

Give it a try if you haven't yet

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Jean-Michel Plourde

It's funny because they are flagged as optonial but they are totally necessary for it to be properly working (yeah I know it's because of the root privileges)