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André Matias

I've used conventional commits pattern ultimatelly and it's working well.
I have some privated projects but all of them are only me writing code.
My doubts is always if I wait for a big commit or do it in small peaces.
What are you do?

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Helder Burato Berto Author

Thanks for the reply!
I try to follow the small commits approach and set the specific files involved in the commit message to have a track about the subject.

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Jing Xue

This. It's impossible to write a good commit message if you are committing 273 changes accumulated over a week. Always organize your commits into small self-contained units to begin with. Only then would you be able to write precise and concise commit messages.

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Helder Burato Berto Author

I totally agree with you.
When we start to break in smaller pieces it starts to make more sense the commit messages in intersection of files staged.