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Chrome "Secret" Passwords

Well normally people save their passwords in chrome and that's nothing new, but where does chrome keep the passwords? Of course it has to be on some computer, of course it is saved on Google's servers, but did you know that it is also saved on your computer and without any protection!

And surely you've seen a YouTube channel get hacked after downloading a program or game, and these disguised malware basically steal a database where Chrome stores passwords.


Pressing windows+R and typing: AppData
Next open the folders:

\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default


In the terminal type:

cd ~/.config/google-chrome/Default

Inside these folders we will have a file called Login Data with no extension, but it is a sqlite3 database and it contains a lot of information, I will demonstrate how to extract it using sqlite3.

Opening file in sqlite3

Enter the following commands in the terminal:

sqlite3 Login\ Date
.csv mode
.headers on
.separator ","
.output chrome_passwords.csv
select origin_url, username_value, password_value from logins; origin_url|username_value|password_value
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This will generate a csv file called: chrome_passwords.csv and this file can be opened in Excel or Pandas for example, note that the passwords will be encrypted, you can use decrypt programs like John the Ripper, but this post is not the best place to teach how to use John the Ripper.

Right here I say goodbye to you!

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