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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v42

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Andrei Pavel

Yes! 💪 Coming in at v42, no better thread.

Hello 👋, DEV. My name's Andrei and I might be the odd one out as I started engineering with C++ and I'm in awe whenever I find out how little I know of it.

But I think we should all struggle to innovate and C++ is willing, but kind of slow 🐌 in that regard.

So I've been looking at modern languages and I think you can do anything ranging from embedded to web with Rust & Dart+Flutter, but D & Go are reasonable compromises in some cases. So I'm all about out with the old, in with the new. What do you think?❓ Should we be happy with good old C#, Java, Javascript, Python, PHP?

I also love automating work tasks or everyday chores with #!/bin/bash so keep an out for those posts.

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Chris Achard

Hi Andrei! I think you should use whatever makes you happy and productive :) If you're not liking C++, then go try some others! And good luck :)