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Discussion on: Startups can still feel good about choosing Bootstrap in 2021

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Andrei Dascalu

Always, but with the caveat that you shouldn't back yourself in a corner. As "Pragmatic" Dave says, when faced with a choice, use the one that's easier to change later on.

Bootstrap is a no brainer. It's easy to get it up and running, it works, but it's also easy to migrate away from should you need to.

Any monolithic framework isn't. As it encompasses a number of backend + frontend functionalities, Rails isn't easy to migrate away from, particularly with the over reliance on gems that may (or may not) become unsupported as time goes by.

Get it up and running without reinventing the wheel is critical in those first steps towards an MVP, but later on every project will confront the demons it created, usually in terms of security and maintainability.

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AppMap Ruby Author • Edited

To your point about Bootstrap being easy to migrate away from -- it certainly is. My team encourages people who feel so motivated to write Bootstrap out if they can provide a better way, with a reference implementation in the code and solid docs in a file that travels with the repo. At this point, the biggest thing we have replaced is the layout system. We use a purpose-built modification of flexbox for page layout.