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Hi, my opinion may appear strange and unpopular, but this is what it is. Java is popular due to a high number of Java programmers. There is a some belief, that knowledge of Java helps you to earn more, as this language is associated with banking, finance and so one. This is partly true, as many these companies in 90s-2000s started with Sun/Oracle technologies and now there is a great number of legacy Java systems that could not be abandoned just at once, as they have crucial functionality. So there is a demand for Java developers. And people associate: Java == high salary -> let's learn Java!!!. Of course, this is not 100% correct, that is why it is a belief

So this is WHY (in my opinion) Java leads in rankings and polls, not because of Android. I don't believe, that if tomorrow, Android would switch to - let assume - Haskell (it is just an EXAMPLE :) ) - Java would drop out of rankings. Of course, no.

I could agree to certain degree, that "Android/Java" option could work. C# is used for Unity, NET, Xamarin and Windows apps development, but these things are literally different, even one language is used.


Thanks for your opinion!
I think I misjudged how many legacy Java (and new) projects are still being developed. And your point about that many devs learn Java because of the higher salary is also interesting, I never looked at the salary of a programming language as a reason to learn it. I learn a language because I am interested in it or because I have a project for it that might work better in X language.

I think my overall conclusion from the responses here is that surveys should split the main languages up more so that the results would give a more interesting result.
Java -> (Sub selection) Android, Spring, ... And same for Ruby, PHP, ...
This is ofcourse more complex for dev survey creators but we work in a complex field 😉

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