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Hello, Glenn. That's a good topic, as my detailed schedule heavily depends on projects, I am working on, but the basic scheme is following:

  • Wake up with sunrise, typically about 6:00-7:00
  • Go for 30-45min run
  • Work for 2h
  • Have at least 1h language practice on Italki (currently I learn Turkish)
  • Work for 2h again
  • Learn tech stuff for 2h (currently I study for Cisco CCNP)
  • Final 2h block of work

As you can note, I don't spend 6h in a row working, and prefer to mix it with something else to keep myself fresh and focusing on tasks. Also I often change workplace - I work from coworking space or home mostly, but sometimes I can work from a local park - if it is a good weather - using mobile hotspot:)

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