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  1. Scala and Clojure were mentioned in comments, but they cannot be replacements for Java in any case. Do you know a good web framework for Clojure? That's a point. Scala is quite limited in its audience. And finally both run on JVM, not vice versa, not Java runs on ScalaVM.
  2. Java would still have a future in teaching, because it is a very good language to teach OOP and algorithms. It is easier than C++ to learn. And there is a lot of academic literature written for Java.

When I started my programming way, Delphi was incredibly popular, but after Delphi 7, the platform began to decline very fast. But it is still in use, there is a lot of software written in Delphi, that somebody need to maintain and update. And now you can get a good deal if you know Delphi (but on a very high level, not just Hello world). Nobody remembers Borland today; you can use Lazarus - open source replacement.

Maybe Java would come the way of Delphi? Who knows. Actually I don't care too much about it.

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