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Discussion on: What are some alternatives for Bootstrap?

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If it's a "great framework" then why would you write an article explicitly telling people to avoid it? Also, as you're going around and apologizing to everyone for having a clickbait-y title, why not just change the title if you didn't mean for it to be

1) clickbait-y
2) a warning for people to not use bootstrap?


Secondly, don't Foundation and Element suffer from the exact same issues as Bootstrap? Except it seems that Foundation is the one to have the only actual issue - of not being compatible with modern build tools (Webpack), no?

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Adnan Babakan (he/him) Author

I appreciate your comment.
I'm only apologizing for the feelings I caused.
I will change the title for sure. (To be honest, I didn't even think about it.)
I am not even earning any money from this so click-baiting isn't my purpose anyhow.

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ajv • Edited on

Absolutely no harm done and I hope you don't feel a need to constantly apologize to everyone. It's a big industry and it's hard to always please everyone :)

FYI clickbait can also be used simply to grab attention/views, it's not only about monetization.

Lastly, to also provide something useful to this thread from my end, I quite like the visuals of Element UI. It has that modern look that Bootstrap and Semantic seem to lack

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Adnan Babakan (he/him) Author

Oh thanks
This was very heartwarming.
And yes I've seen Element UI and it is literally beautiful.