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Hi Andreas! Unfortunately, no I did not get the job. The interviewer gave me some tips on how to improve my interviewing skills as well as some areas I need to work on in terms of my knowledge so that's a silver lining :D


Keep your chin up and remember that all interviews for all jobs are a numbers game. Each interview is a subjective slice of time and space.

Certainly it's a good idea to be open to suggestions. But never take any single person's perspective as gospel. Use the interview process as a tool. And don't dismiss the prospect of calling a previous interviewer to say something like: "ok. I've been working on the things we talked about when you passed on me in the past. I'd like to send you a summary of my improved skills...."

Most importantly: keep trying. As I said, it's a numbers game. Tenacity for the win!

Also, keep re reading what you wrote in this article. It's incredibly inspiring.


A pitty, but at least they gave hints on how to improvisiere.

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