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I'm a backend developer since 2005.
In the last years I have been started to use Docker and to deploy on DO / AWS cloud VPS.
Before Cipi I used Runcloud and ServerPilot to configure and manage my production servers but last year developed and pubblished the first release of Cipi dedicated to all PHP developers that needs a simple, powerful and stable tool to manage their Cloud servers.

Cipi is my little contribute to Open Source Community.

With Cipi you don’t need to be a Sys Admin to deploy and manage websites and PHP applications powered by cloud VPS!

Cipi is a Laravel based cloud server control panel that supports Digital Ocean, AWS, Vultr, Google Cloud, Linode, Azure and other VPS. It comes with nginx, Mysql, multi PHP-FPM versions, multi users, Supervisor, Composer, npm, free Let's Encrypt certificates, Git deployment, backups, postfix, phpmyadmin, fail2ban, Redis, API, data migration and with a simple graphical interface useful to manage Laravel, Codeigniter, Symphony, WordPress or other PHP applications.

Cipi is the perfect alternative to Runcloud, Serverpilot, Ploi.io, Forge and other similar software... compared to them the plus are:

  • it's free (it's an Open Source)
  • it's customizable (it's an Open Source)
  • it's "clean"... no surprise on your server... you can see what you get/install (it's an Open Source)
  • it's updated by Github Community and me (it's an Open Source)
  • it's tested in several and different conditions by Github Community and me (it's an Open Source)
  • it's Cipi ;)

Visit https://cipi.sh.
If you need support with Cipi I'm here :)

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Andrea Pollastri


I'm a web & software artisan based in Milan. I use Laravel to create awesome applications. I am an Open Source enthusiast and supporter.


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I'm using Vesta Panel and I'm curios about Cipi now.


Hope you will enjoy Cipi... let me know if you like it or if you have any issue or new feature idea about it! ;) I'm willing for support!