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A website scraper :-) it’s something you might need soon or later even in web development. It’s also a good exercise to deal with paginations. Good luck for you bootcamp!


Yes, I tried learning a bit today. I found a few youtube tutorials on how to create a scraper, but mostly for Python. Any chance you know a good resource to learn with Ruby?

Thanks! I think I'll need it.


I will be offline for this week, next week I’ll try to remember to send you some scraper I’ve made


I’m afraid but I don’t know any resources except books about ruby in general.
For the scraper, start with pencil and paper to split the logic in steps, then google to find out how to do that step.
Use Nokogiri ruby gem to parse html pages ;-)


Here you go...

Web Scraping with Ruby and Nokogiri for Beginners

Just a simple Google search for "Web scraping with Ruby" turned up many resources.

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