Discussion on: Are most small mobile apps just vanity projects?

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Tom Anderson

I'm not sure how I feel about React ect. Sure they're useful for complex apps, but I see many relatively simple applications that still use the framework. Seems totally unnecessary, I don't understand why!

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Nir Lanka ニル Author

I agree.
I think it's because of a couple of reasons:

  1. New comers to development want to learn popular technologies by building something (which is great as a philosophy), but not realise there are more fitting methods for their case.
  2. Developers are becoming more and more afraid to diverge experience. What I mean is, even a lot of veteran developers that I know like to build things using React or Angular when it's not even close to the optimal solution, simply in order to avoid cognitive overhead. I'm not saying they are bad developers, but I think it can negatively affect end user experience.