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Andy B.

Excellent read I love how you challenge your reader in a cerebral way. My favorite part was how you challenged the dichotomies of how we view our lives in a compartmentilzed way. The discussion on how much “me” time people generally have between work and sleep also spoke to me rather loudly. For my part, I’ve been working 45-50 hours a week and using my “me time” to finish my college education and complete a coding boot camp online. I appreciated that you came to a similar conclusion about working and pursing other goals on the side. In a lot of other blogs I’ve read people encouraging others do make their dreams happen and all the cliche blah blah blah that goes along with it. You give readers a practical and logical system to help those who might be saying to themselves “holy crap how am I going to do all this!”

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Steph Smith Author

Wow, thanks Andy! I really tried to make this post concrete and not a vague personal development post that you see everywhere. I'm so glad it resonated with you!

I think dichotomies are probably the biggest blocker in some way, shape, or form in people's lives. Congrats on finishing your education and the bootcamp. You are already actually doing (instead of saying) so much more than most people.