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That is so true, and I've noticed that in my own doing. It's so much more rewarding to create something that you can be proud of. And I, speaking of myself as a developer, start to create these grand ideas of applications and think that I someday will change the world with them (I hope I someday do)

However, I think it is good to try out things that are out of your reach. Even if it's a failure, you can always return to that same idea and try to build it again. And if you've been coding there between the attempts, you will get much closer on the second or the third attempt.

One personal example I have, is when I tried to build my own blog. I think I restarted building it with 1 year intervals, each time removing the old one and creating a new improved version. I was so excited when I finally got out something, after failing those previous two times!

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