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Discussion on: What can a backend dev do to improve Accessibility?

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Anders Clark

We all use the internet in a less optimal way: we're bipedal creatures who carry our consciousness in a gelatinous goo in a jar of bone on top of our bodies. You think an AI would be impressed by how it takes you SEVERAL SECONDS to read a post on ;)

Accessibility is not about adapting to a "smallish percentage", it's about building your app with the flexibility to take on the world's inhabitants in all its shape or forms, which does not mean "Normal and handicapped", it means:

  • Amazon Alexa.
  • Google-crawlers.
  • Humans with different physical variants.
  • Paper-printers.
  • Readers like Pocket.
  • Dolphins with computers inserted into their brains (not sure about this one, saw it in "Johnny Mnemonic"...)

Not trying to go full "Fuck you for not knowing about all the different variants of people who use the internet", just trying to point out that it's not about accomodating a small group of people who will never be able to pay your company back for your time, but about building something more flexible than pictures and text that looks ok on a mobile phone.

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Vicki (she/her) Author

Love your explanation of a human. :D
I agree accessibility is about having the flexibility to accommodate everyone via the many many different technologies we use.