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How to use useReducer and useContext hooks with Typescript in React

Great post

React Context with useReducer and Typescript.

Great post. Thanks for this

6 Advanced JavaScript Concepts You Should Know

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No Fuss Dark-Mode Toggle with React & Styled-Components! 🌞↔️🌖

Thank you very much for this informative article

How to create custom Create React App (CRA) templates

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✨8 React Projects Every Beginner Should Try

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Getting started with Typescript with React Hooks [2021]

I found this article helpful, I am going to be using typescri...

How to Build Your Own Blockchain in NodeJS

Informative. would definitely try this out

5 resources I use as a front end developer that you probably need

Good article. I would try out some of the resources

How to have an awesome GitHub profile ?

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Learn to code using FreeCodeCamp Especially If You Do Not Have 24/7 Internet Access

I would give this a trial. Thanks for sharing

Beautify Your GitHub Profile like a Pro

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I landed my first dev job after 6 months of building projects. Here's my story!

Very motivating story. Congratulations on the new job

How to Build a Great Developer Portfolio (+ Examples & Tools)

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How to create Sidebar navigation menu in ReactJS with react router and framer-motion

The animations are cool

Revealing Contents on Scroll Using JavaScript’s Intersection Observer API

Well explained. As if to a 5year old like you promised. Good ...

My Top 5 Methods To Develop UIs Faster in ReactJS

Thanks for sharing this. It would greatly help me when next I...