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Review and contribute! Social networking concept

ananto30 profile image Azizul Haque Ananto Updated on ・1 min read

Before any beefy introduction please visit - https://golpo13.herokuapp.com/
This is not responsive! So the mobile experience won't be good.
And GitHub - https://github.com/Ananto30/golpo13-v2

This is kind of a social networking platform called Golpo13. Mainly focused on simplicity. Target is to make more "texty" and simple updates of people.

This project was started to learn React and ended up with something working. So I want to continue this if possible, and if there's people want to make something simple, ad-free and not data hunter. Just let people do share things.

Obviously the code needs to be reviewed. This is my first full-fledged React app. Please have some comments on codes. I am still refactoring every day. And if this project is possible to continue, please contribute and sponsor.


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Looks great. Would love to contribute.


Great! Let's start with the TODO's in the readme. Or you can share your ideas. 😀