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convert any website to release android app in a few minutes for free - URLgApp

Today we present - a tool designed to convert any responsive website into an Android app. πŸ“²

You don't need to be a coder to use this solution to wrap your website into a professional android app! 🎁
Urlgapp is a website to convert your website to an android app with app bundle & apk with your own key store valid for 10,000 days on google play store

Features that we provide

  • Apk & App bundle
  • Google play Key
  • Firebase Notification
  • Media permission
  • Admob integration
  • Dialog Ask to exit app
  • Internet connection error . native page
  • Android native spinner
  • Ask to open link with different domain name out side the app
  • Login by google is working

Do you have any example for this tool in google play ❓
yes we have you can download it from here
it’s very simple app

why you add a media permission ❓
urlgapp doesn`t know what type of website it you but if your user upload or download any file without any permission google play will remove your app from store so, we have added it by default to make sure your app is safe on google play

No coding.

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