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Coder, thinker and an aspiring entrepreneur.

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Introducing Reverie - A ridiculously elegant Jekyll theme for blogging

Thanks a lot, Paulo! Let me know if you need any help in ...

Implement Picture-in-Picture on the Web

This looks tempting!

🎄🎁 DEV10 🎁🎄: A Christmas Gift for the Best Community on 🌍

I would prefer RSS over this.

Who's looking for open source contributors? (Dec 17th edition)

Markdownify - A minimal Markdown editor desktop app ...

How my simple notepad app went from zero to 10k users monthly

Nope. It's been working smoothly even if on high traffic.

How my simple notepad app went from zero to 10k users monthly

That's because it only have one page.

My Blog Post Workflow: from Topic to Publication

Great article! I generally use Notepad to jot down the idea...

Best Open Source Tools For Developers 🛠

If you're looking for something simple, check Markdownify.

A beginner's introduction to working with redux in react

Thanks for this comprehensive tutorial!

Can I see your desktop home screen

I'm a little late to the party but here's my homescreen:

Explain JavaScript promises Like I'm Five

Nothing is more simpler than this:

How software projects got their name

Thank you!

How software projects got their name

Wow! That's really interesting!

How software projects got their name

I'd also like to know how got its name. Can you shed...

How software projects got their name

Glad you liked it!

The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week

Thanks for featuring mine, Ben!

Essential Vanilla JavaScript Functions

Yeah. We can implement it that way as well. If you want you...

Essential Vanilla JavaScript Functions

Pardon me for that. I was curious and was just trying to do...

The tech stack

What's your revenue model for ?

What fonts do you use in your editor(s)?

I use Fixedsys Excelsior with programming ligatures, which lo...

Build a full-fledge Markdown app with Electron

Yeah. What if I integrate the same in Markdownify itself? ;)

Handling time intervals in JavaScript

Hey @curtis , This seems really good approach. I'll definitel...