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Discussion on: Why do some developers listen to music while they code?

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أمي • Edited on

I listen to music because:

1) Music allows me to "disconnect" from the "real" world and focus on my work. ( i suffer of difficulties to get focus)

2) Having earphones it's a way to say people: "don't disturb me... im focused working"

3) I was in the "business show" and talked with a Dj.. he told me that likes to "control" people with music, when he rises the beat, people tend to move faster... so i took that idea for me... and when i need to get "hard core" to get things done i use Psytrance so i experience a rise in my productivy and i start writing code so fast when "beat" rises and slowing when it go down this is amazing because i can code a lot with the music rhythm.

4) Allow me to relax sometimes or decrease stress.. when i'm coding sometimes i get stressed but using music it's different. Silence stress me out.

That's why i use music to code...