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I don't understand the aversion for comments. I haven't yet run into a project that has too many comments. Usually they have none.

If you don't like to see the comments configure your IDE so that they're not visible. But I think eschewing them completely is unprofessional and make it harder to understand your code.

I know, I've dealt with several million line of code projects. I've never though.. oh.. shucks.. I wish this comment weren't here. Quite the opposite. I've often missed having some insight as to why you did it the way you did.

Also, you make think your programming technique is "obvious".. but 10 years from now techniques may have changed and understanding what you were thinking at the time is not that obvious. I've dealt with 30 year old code in projects.. so this isn't fiction.

In the real world code can span decades. That's what it means for a project to be successful. We don't always deal with shiny new things.

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