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I've worked remotely for almost 16 years now and own an outsourcing company. We are in fact the people with the LOWEST TURNOVER in any US company we work with. Among several of our clients from the US have almost entirely changed their staff 2 or 3 times, but we remain. In fact, we hold a lot of knowledge from developing their product for A DECADE AND A HALF that the newer US folks take time to acquire. So it's exactly the other way around for a few of our customers. Our turnover rate, by the way, is about 2% per year (but for many customers effectively 0%), this is MUCH LOWER than the average US software company.

It's true that outsourcing/offshoring is not a silver bullet or a panacea. And it may also be true that many outsourcing relationships are doomed to fail for a number of reasons that can originate from either side. But to imply that it never works and cannot bring savings and certain other advantages is not true either. As any solution, there are always pros and cons.


You have a point friend ;)

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