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Some of the markup needs to be fixed.
'code' '''preformatted''' and >quote are all black on black backgrounds and you can't see them. I edited the above code to include:

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
   url: '',
   success: function(css) {
     let overrides = `
     code { background-color: #535353; color: #85c5ff; } /* Change color: to whatever font color you want */
     .c-mrkdwn__pre, .c-mrkdwn__quote { background: #535353 !important; background-color: #535353 !important; }
     $("<style></style>").appendTo('head').html(css + overrides);

Edited: fixed a typo in the code snippit.
Edited: found a way to also fix backgrounds for '''preformatted''' and >quote

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