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What Is Golang Latest Version? - Go 1.16

Woo!! The new latest version of golang 1.16 comes with the library and runtime enhancement with many other benefits that enhance the productivity of golang and give new wings to the golang web development.

Golang changed its core library in the latest version, Go 1.16, by including the ember package that provides access to embedded files in the program during completion. While with //go: embed directive minor update and changes can be made as well. The change range in the deprecation of crypto/dsa to updating the Unicode package in Unicode 13.0.0.

In addition to the latest Go 1.16 version comes with an improvement in runtime also. The new runtime/metrics package will share a stable interface that helps in reading implementation and defined metrics. The new version Go will fix the discrepancy between the Go memory model and the race detector. Due to that, detectors can't miss the report races.

Some Other Changes In Go 1.16 release

  • It runs faster with less memory usage, which has benefited golang web development.

  • The ARM architecture of 64 bit macOS that is known as Apple silicon is supported with GOARCH=arm64, G00s=darwin.

  • The compiler can inline the functions with non labeled for loops, type switches, and method values. The more inline detects the inlining calls at a time of inlining possibility.

  • The improvement in linker decreases resource usage with improving code and maintainability. Moreover, this is a piece of a plan to modernize the linker.

  • By default, a module-aware mode is enabled.

  • The Go 1.16 latest version of golang runs on macOS sierra. While the Go 1.17 requires macOS 10.13 high sierra.

So, to leverage the forthcoming update of Golang 1.16, you can also take the help of the Golang web development that makes your Go app updated with time.

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