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Discussion on: How I Reduced Load Time by 25% on Squarespace and Why I Couldn't Get More

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Ariel Caplan

OK, I think I misunderstood you earlier. I will point out that you can probably squeeze out some better performance on the images using Cloudinary's transformations in the manner described in - essentially do an upload, q_auto down to a smaller size, then download and reupload to Squarespace.

Not as simple as it usually is to use Cloudinary unfortunately 😞but still might be worth your time if increasing speed is super valuable.

What Squarespace does for images ( is definitely better than nothing, but they don't seem to do the more advanced stuff - reducing size for the same image without perceptibly degrading visual quality.

I'd recommend trying with an image or two, and seeing if you can drop down that 2.7MB by a few hundred kB at least.

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Jared Author

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the tip!