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Thing that I use daily ⚓️

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This is the list of the thing that I use.

Note: I will update this post when I will change my tools.


Genric Name Name
OS elementary os
Code Editor VS Code
Text Editor Vi
Terminal Terminal
File Manger Nautilus
Graphic Editor Inkscape
Photo Editor Gimp
Backup tardis
File Cleaner Optimizer
Bitcoin Wallet Electrum
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin
Clipboard Clipped
Screenshort Screenshort


Genric Name Name
Lanucher Lunar
OS LineageOS
Browser Firefox
File Manger Material Files
Audiobook Simple Audiobook Player
Calendar Google Calender
Contacts Single
Alarm Alarmy
Torrent LibreTorrent
Sync FolderSync
Document Scan Notebloc
Wellbeing Stay Focused


Genric Name Name
Book Play Books
Calendar Google Calender
Cloud Nextcloud
Note Simplenote
Photos Google Photos
Spell Check Grammarly
Maps Google Maps

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