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12 Super websites to help you with your CSS problems ☺(Update 2.0)

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This is a list of websites that makes you CSS more fun, easy and maybe solve many of your CSS problems.

1. Pixel art

Pixel art in Pixel Art to CSS

You probably also love to use pixel art with your website. I can say 90% of you add pixel art with png file but what if you can use CSS for that. That where Pixel Art to CSS comes. It will convert you pixel art drawing to CSS.

Pixel Art to CSS

2. Gradient

Gradient in CSS Gradient

CSS gradient looks awesome but it's is also hard to use it. You have to find the right color also right many lines of code. There are also other compatibility issues, so now you have to write more CSS code. For this problem, there is a Website CSS Gradient. It will help you with visual color selector and compatibility issues also. CSS Gradient also other tools like Gradient Backgrounds and Color Shades.

CSS Gradient

3. Compatibility

Search in CanIUse

There are many CSS tags that don't support an old browser or newly introduced. You have to go to many sites and see does popular browser support tag that you have written. You don't have to worry about it now the CanIUse is here to help you. CanIUse shows you which browsers support which tags. And in News section shows you about new tags that are introduced in the browsers.


4. Cheatsheets

Cheatsheets in Devhints

Maybe you also like me forgot CSS tags from time to time. So you have downloaded one or more CSS cheatsheet. If search about CSS cheatsheet you will find thousands of cheatsheets. But my best and one of best cheatsheets about CSS you can find online is Devhints. It is a cheatsheet website you CSS, HTML, Python, Ruby, and many more languages cheat sheets.


5. Color Palettes

Color Palettes in Color Hunt

Do you find it hard to find matching colors for your projects? Then you should use online color palettes chooser and there are many great ones but one I like is Color Hunt is most simple and you can short the color palettes in New, Trendy, and Random. It is the most dead-simple color palettes chooser.

Color Hunt

6. Unicode

Work Unicode in Unicode table

There are thousands of Unicode and you can't remember. To solve this problem you can use Unicode Table. In Unicode Table, there is a feature that will help you to find matching emoji or Unicode for your projects. Also who you will find weird Unicode there(like this 𓂸).

Unicode Table

7. CSS Validator

Validating the CSS in CSS Validator

How do you know you are using the right CSS format. You can use W3C CSS Validator for this problem. The W3C CSS Validation Service is a website created by the W3C to help Web designers and Web developers check CSS.

CSS Validator

8. Old Browser support

Pre fixing in Autoprefixer

Do you want your website to access to the majority of old and new browser with different user agents? Then Autoprefixer is here to help you with your problem. It parses your CSS and adds vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from Can I Use. It is recommended by Google and used by Twitter and Taobao.

Autoprefixer CSS online

9. Other awesome tools

Bennett projects in his website

Bennett Feely has developed some of the most awesome websites that can help any noob and pro developer. Some websites include that I like the most is CSS Pie Chart generate pie charts with conic gradients, Clippy a tool for making CSS clip paths, Image Effect wit CSS using blend modes for complex image effects, and CSS Gradients accessible CSS gradients.


10. Tobias Ahlin Thanks to Siddhartha Sarkar

Tobias Ahlin Website screenshort

Tobias is another developer who has done some great CSS projects in his website. If you go to his website project section you can find many great projects that he has done. The projects are Moving Letters, TypeSource and SpinKit. I found all of them very useful.

Tobias Ahlin Bjerrome

11. Hayk An:: Workbench Thanks to Amruth Pillai

Hayk An Website Screenshort

In Hayk An website you will find some of the most useful and wired websites of the internet. It is a goldmine of the project inspiration for you online. You will many tools and inspiration for the website design on his website.


12. You can suggest in the comment I will make it my number 12 or we can till 20 ;)

Pixel Art by lipixelart
Pixel Art by lipixelart

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If you are having trouble understanding or writing CSS selectors, I've found Selectors Explained very useful.


Sorry😔 you website didn't made it but it still useful one Thanks 🙏.


I found this one recently which has helped me a great deal in choosing color palettes for my app, Scale


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For those seeking awesome preloaders this may be useful. Spinkit.css


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Thanks for these awesome resources, found them pretty useful.


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