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I have been building a bookmarks-based social network for developers

Adrian Matei
Making bookmarking easier for devs with
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After a dozen of commits and a couple of grey hairs later I managed to refurbish the and make it more "sociable". The main goal of the website remains to ease the management of dev bookmarks, but we can all profit from each other's useful resources, so you too can start sharing.

The grey hairs are probably not from programming, but rather from programming in "lock down modus". You know kids, playing, cooking etc.

So what are the changes?

Home Page

Overall it looks much slicker:

and among new functionalities are the following:

  • see in your feed you see on top public bookmarks tagged with the tags you are watching
  • you can use the All public toggler to see all public posts, except **the ones tagged with the **tags you ignore
  • directly follow or ignore tags where ever they appear, by click on the arrow beside them
  • there is a User Settings Page where you can upload your profile picture (defaults to Gravatar) and set links to your personal website and social media accounts.
  • you can Copy to mine public bookmarks worthy of your personal bookmarks collection (this replaces the Favorites functionality)
  • Edit / Delete buttons are much slicker and placed besides the Share button


Alt Text

The User Dashboard has also got some new features:

  • in My Tags section you can see listed the tags you are watching / ignoring at the top
  • Following lists the other members of the community you are following
  • Followers lists the members of the community that are following you

User profile page

You can see a user's profile page once he publishes public bookmarks.

Alt Text

You expect there to find a profile image, website, social accounts (all editable via the settings page), most used public tags and recent public posts.

What's left?

A lot. I managed to reach some milestones in the past month, but there are still lots of enhancements to develop and I could really use a helping hand. To list a few:

I've got to go build some legos now. For bugs and suggestions I am looking forward to your feedback in the comments bellow.

Discussion (6)

mayankjoshi profile image
mayank joshi

Man, this idea is brilliant.
As a developer we often find ourself, saving the bookmarks across the web and then it becomes lots of bookmarks which makes it hard to find the relevant one.

But the way you have categorized it makes it real simple.

Amazing work.

ama profile image
Adrian Matei Author • Edited

Thanks man, I try to make our lives easier... Discipline is still required though when selecting tags and setting description, you'll see when you have thousands of bookmarks like me :)

bellons91 profile image
Davide Bellone

Wow! That's fantastic! THIS is a great tool!! :)
A good idea can be to add articles from RSS, so that they can be easily added as bookmarks.

ama profile image
Adrian Matei Author • Edited

Thanks Davide,
That sounds like a fine idea - maybe add podcasts too. I'll add a Github Issue for that.

mateuszjarzyna profile image
Mateusz Jarzyna

IMO it's useless unless there are no integrations with my web browser. Anyway - good project :)

ama profile image
Adrian Matei Author

I had a browser bookmarks list this thiiiiiiiii.....(9)iis long, and got tired of it :). You can use the chromium extension to easily save your bookmarks - do you have any other suggestions regarding integration with the web browser?