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I've been in and around code since the early 80s but it was never presented as a career choice. Women were nurses or secretaries. I grew up knowing I wanted to do something sciencey and so I studied earth sciences and palaeoecology at university (I wanted to be the next paleontologist interviewed on National Geographic! Oooh!. I was still always interested in computers and code so I dabbled here and there. Even did PC repair in high school. In the meantime I worked as a veterinary technician to pay the bills. Well graduation came right around the 2008 collapse and I didn't know what to do with myself so I retreated to vet medicine. Which is hit or miss as far as a career option is concerned. I loved what I was doing but trying to make a living as a single woman with 18,000/year was sucking so hard (most people are either married, a doctor, or married to the doctor to make ends meet in that industry)!

So...Last spring I quit my job and threw myself into learning how to code full time. That's paid off as I've found my first new gig with some awesome people and we're doing good things! I get to paid to learn and build things everyday! And pay my rent! That's pretty awesome! 😊


Thank you! It's been quite the journey! But here's to more learning in the year ahead! :)

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