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Local Task Manager

As a working person, we always have multiple tasks, sometimes tracking those turns out to be a tedious task. For example, Every Friday we need to read some code tricks tutorial and one Friday we will forget this thing and also this is not an important task because it will not affect your working process.
So we want to track these kinds of work items.
We probably use notes to track these items. But it makes it harder to search the local tasks. Because we also tracking important tasks here.
So everything will be mixed((local + work) Tasks).
In my point of view, why can't we divide both? For this question, some of them may say we can use notes or something else in an efficient way to overcome this. That is one solution.

The other solution is using LTM(Local Task Manager) for local tasks and using notes or something else for your other tasks.

What is LTM(Local Task Manager)?

The tool which can be used for managing your local tasks. If you want to try click here.


1.Task Addition
2.Task status changing
3.Task Deletion

1.Task Addition

Task create

2.Task status changing

Finished Status


Unfinished Status


3. Task Deletion

Task Deletion


It will store your data locally(Browser local storage). so that your privacy has been ensured.


If it uses the browser local storage, the data which has been added by you will not be available in the other browser.
Github link:
Application link:

Thank you for reading this post 🙏. I Just tried what I know. Feel free to post your comments if you want to share something.

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