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Quick A/B Poll: Which card style you like better?

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UPDATE 10/08/2020:

Thanks to everyone that took the time to vote and provide valuable feedback in this poll. You guys rock 🤘.

I decided to use Option A (even if B got more votes 🦄) with a few changes inspired by the feedback you gave me and considering the component surroundings:

Alt Text

Card A is the real deal (dark background, vibrant colors, etc., all evoke the feelings of competition, passion, aggression, etc.).
by @AnkushThakur

I added the character names, the logos in the bg similar to option B, and I added a small indicator of the stage just at the top.

I like the contrast that the card gives, it's eye-catching in all that light tournament page and clearly invites the user to check the next battle kinda feeling.

Here is another version of it

Alt Text

And how it looks in the same tournament page but in knockout phase:

Alt Text

Does that mean I threw the Option B to the trash 🗑? Not really, I actually going to use it on a page with historical of matches, because there doesn't need that much dynamism and contrast looks nice and clean.

I'm really happy with the result. and all the cool discussions happening on the comments, thanks, everyone!

Hi there 👋 . I'm a big fan of Super Smash Bros since I was a little kid.

Alt Text

I'm doing some quick design for a tournament app in Vue and I could use your feedback, which card you like the most?.

  • Option A: Vote heart ❤️
  • Option B: Vote 🦄

Disclaimer: Characters and names are property of Nintendo of America.

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Tough choice, they both look good! But I’ll go with option B, because the design elements more closely align with Nintendo, in my mind: clean, slanted, character logos as shadows of the characters, etc.

One suggestion: try making the “Finish Battle” text in ALL-CAPS and see how that changes the feel of it.


Thanks for the feedback, really apprieciate it.


They're both good but I prefer A. My eyes went right to that one. The colors pop and the characters look like they're more 3-D versus looking more 2-D on white.


I have the same feeling, I'm trying to step away from my overall romance with minimalistic white interfaces with something riskier


Minimalism is okay but we also have to keep the audience in mind. Imagine minimalistic design for casino games!


🦄 - Both look absolutely amazing, but I'm leaning more towards B! I agree with what @daniel13rady said: it more matches the simple and clean aesthetic of Nintendo's style. If I could recommend a slight change to A to make it better (even though it is pretty sleek!), I would make the dark blue background behind the characters a bit more subdued, more towards #414754, and make the "VS" icon flat-styled, while still retaining the same colors and general shape. I hope this feedback makes sense!


As a gamer and visual person, I totally love the vibes Card A gives. However, I don't see the character names on it. Maybe they weren't even added, or maybe they are getting suppressed because of the choice of color. If that is fixed, Card A is the real deal (dark background, vibrant colors, etc., all evoke the feelings of competition, passion, aggression, etc.).


Hey thanks for the awesome feedback, I totally get your point actually I didn't put any names because I wasn't happy how the fonts looked on it, I still trying to find the correct font to it.


This is hard, because like elements from each side.

I like the format of the B:

  • Rounded corners
  • Full figures
  • Figure logo as background
  • Name written down

And I like from the "A":

  • Colors
  • "vs" artwork (i know, littlebit copied from street fighter)
  • The red rounded button from below for finishing a battle

The second one because focus more the important UI elements and has better call-to-action feelin' (e.g.: drive better the eye what to do, more intuitive).
The first one way cleaner by feeling.

Would be interesting to have both scheme for dark/light theme ;)


I really like both designs but I went for Option A because I find it easier to read/see things against a darker background. I'd suggest increasing the contrast of some of the icons on the bottom black banner of Option A; from an accessibility point of view, this would be a great improvement.

I also really like the shadows behind Falco and Link on Option B and I agree with Daniel that this design is more closely aligned with Nintendo.

Great job on the designs, they're both awesome!


I like B more, but would like A if they used the same styling (ie. rounder borders, shadows, and badge)


They are both awesome! But I think that the white one looks a bit better. It's less overloaded with things (the logos behind the characters are SICK) and in general looks more clean and elegant.

Really good job!


I like option B, but I think a dark version B, would look even better.


Not a bad idea tho, thanks for replying


(but reducing the shadow just a little bit)


I love the way characters goes out of the card and the darker "footer" on A, but I love the information about wins and character names, and also the finish battle style on B 😂


Both are great, but I like style B more. The rounded edges and the shadows in combination with the white background make it more eye-catching.


Both are gorgeous. But I would go for A. The "VS" is really eye-catching. Would you share the app when done ?


Thank you very much, yes Im planning on having a demo version of the app with mock data on my portfolio site, :D.


I always go for the clean that uses the least dark colors. Nice job btw!


Option B with Option A's button looks esp good to me! Not sure the button design looks like a button or matches with the rounded corners.


A has more colour and B looks subdued and simple. Both look good however A looks like it belongs in a AAA game whereas B looks like it was made for a more simple clone of a AAA game in my opinion.


🦄 but make the "vs" a little bigger and I second a dark version as well.


These both look amazing!! I'm a dark mode guy myself, so I'm more inclined towards A, but I think either one would be a great fit. Nice Work!



I do prefer light mode better, but Option A provides more colorfulness and contrast.


I'mma go with B, but not by much. They are both pretty cool :D


Depends entirely on the background, as presented on white, then A.

But on a dark background, I suspect B.


B is cleaner and more easily descipherable


🦄 IMO B highlights the characters and is more neat looking than A, especially with the CTA.