What not-so-popular newsletters would you recommend?

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What are some not-so-well-known IT newsletters that you would recommend? A newsletter that is a hidden gem, but sometimes overlooked because it is not from a major company or a popular developer.

For example, I really enjoy reading: Accessibility in the News. It is sent every Thursday by a small company that I worked for, and it is always full of interesting stories related to accessibility (including some beyond technology stuff.)


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I am subscribed to four newsletters:


I'll shamelessly plug my own. I am still trying to figure out what to write about in my newsletter, so far I have been sticking to inspirational/motivational content. How to break into tech mid career. How breaking into tech changed my life. Being a genuinely nice person can boost your career.

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Subscribed. Thanks for sharing :)


💪Pumped to have you aboard. I would be glad to take any feedback you have.

How was the onboarding flow? I was having some issues with it and switched to the hosted option for now.

The onboarding and account validation was really simple and easy to complete.

Maybe one thing that I'd update is adding the title of the newsletter to the registration form. When I was entering my name and email, there was no indication of what newsletter I was signing up for.


I may be biased, but I would recommend Torah && Tech if you're interested in conversations around ethics and values in the tech world.

The editors (of which I am one) come at it from a Jewish perspective, but I believe it would be of interest to anyone with an interest in the topic.


Subscribed. It will be interesting to read about ethics in the tech world. Thanks for sharing :)


Awesome! Feel free to let us know what you think!


I send this every Tuesday at 12.21.


A weekly newsletter discovering new resources and articles for web developers and digital designers to supercharge your productivity, creativity and thoughts.

You don't need to be subscribed to read it, is open and free.


In descending order by personal preferences:

3. Colors and Fonts

This is a newsletter by @michaelandreuzza about Web design and development.

Read the last issue of colors and fonts newsletter.

2. The history of the Web

This is a newsletter about the Web's history by Jay Hoffman.

1. Web Design Update

This is a Web design and development newsletter by Laura Carlson from the Information Technology Systems and Services at University of Minnesota Duluth.

Whenever new articles are linked on the Web Design Reference site, a Web Design Update newsletter is sent to the listserv. This newsletter is sent out weekly.

If you want to subscribe visit the listserv page and follow the instruction to sign up.

While you do that, you can read the last issue on Google Groups.


I've two recommendations, one is my own :p, I'm just starting, and I write all about programming, AI, mostly python, and javascript. livecodestream

Another for which I'm not related at all is marcradziwill.com/newsletter/

Hope it helps


I also genuinely like the content from Joel hooks's newsletter. Mine was much inspired after his. signup at the bottom of his website.


Hi Alvaro,

I'm a HUGE fan of a brand-new newsletter called High Growth Engineering. I've learned a ton in the past few weeks.


Looks interesting. I just subscribed. Thanks for sharing!


Shameless plug here as well. Cryptography and backend stuff can be subscribed to at qvault.io
I write ~2 posts/week


Mine 😁
A weekly newsletter about web performance and
freelancing. ✌ >> newsletter


Not sure if this falls into the "not-so-well-known" category, but I always get something out of The Changelog.