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You're absolutely not alone with this.

What I found over the years can be boiled down to two bullet points:

  1. To finish a project you need to be passionate about it to carry it through. When you're coding for yourself, it's easy to lose motivation halfway through, so choosing an idea you really, really like and is small enough to implement in a matter of days is a good start.

  2. Find a buddy you do the project with. When there's more than one of you, not wanting to let your friend down can provide that extra kick of motivation to continue coding. (They don't have to be a coder either, a graphic artist or similar is equally fine, the key is that if any of you slacks off, the other can't continue with their bit.)

And good luck. :)


great advice! I've struggled with 2. I can never seem to find a friend that is as excited about coding as I am. So I end up getting them involved, for them to just abandon the project a day or two later. But i think this is why it's important for me to start making my projects public so others all over the world can work on the project with me.

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