Discussion on: Don't Make These Mistakes Whilst Learning How to Code

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When it comes to programming knowledge depth is more important than breadth

Is it? Just curious, I'm wondering what your personal reasons are. In my experience the sheer number of possible problems and the constantly evolving state of technology means that most problems are new and different than before. A programmer needs to be flexible to adopt to new challenges and strategies. For example you could learn algorithms inside and out but outside of interviews and rare situations you will hardly use them. (Unless you're in academia / other directly relevant field of course)

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Sébastien Wylleman Author

What I meant here is, I'd rather focus on one aspect and do it very well rather than have my hands in too many pots.
I agree with you that a programmer needs to be flexible, and constantly be up to date with the current tools and frameworks. However, I personally wouldn't want to hone into all areas of software development.