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re: That’s a great question, Allison. Thank you for asking for that clarification. I didn’t intend to imply there’s anything wrong with WordPress. I ju...

Ok. I'm not familiar with the React ecosystem so I can't say whether it's similar to WordPress or not. But for a professional, pragmatic, and robust solution, there's a reason it's so popular. It's easy to set up; depending on your web host it could be as simple as a few clicks. It's not hard to learn at all and probably has more support than most competitors. There are tons of templates as well, so there might be an option for what you're looking for.

Having said all that, there are plenty of other CMS tools out there, but they're usually built on like Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, etc. Here's one: Gatsby.js

And regardless of what you choose, I recommend using Medium as a place to repost whatever you write, with an "Originally posted...." at the end. Medium is popular and can help you get more traffic.

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