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Discussion on: Agency VS Product Company: Which One's Right for You?

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Alli Teration Author

Interesting! I’m thinking about going in and adding definitions of what I mean by “agency” and “product company” because it makes sense that they might not hold the same meaning everywhere.

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In India, they're broadly categorized into service and product companies.

Product companies follow the same definition you've mentioned in your post, and service companies can be anything from web dev agencies/startups building stuff for other companies to mass recruiters like Infosys and Accenture, who recruit tons of students through campus placements(known as career fairs in America if I'm not wrong) from nearly every single engineering and tech college, and usually allocate them randomly to support and maintenance projects, while severely underpaying them. The starting salary at these companies has been the same since 2 decades!

These huge mass recruiting MNCs have development work too, but it's like 5% of what they do.

Hence, the crazy amount of Indian people grinding Leetcode and Hackerrank, and trying to get into top-tier companies.

The company I work at is both product and service. We have our own Ed-tech products, as well as we do tech consulting and build Ed-tech products for other companies.

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