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Discussion on: 33 GitHub projects I have bookmarked and you should

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It's fair to replace the context a little bit, when Bootstrap first came to the web, both CSS Grid and Flexbox were a dream i.e not quite here yet.
It made Responsive design easier for us especially the backend girls and guys and delivered a set of components to work with ( modals, collapsibles, buttons, you name it )
Before Bootstrap it was quite tedious to have a layout that works well if you weren't CSS savy really.
Now learning Bootstrap today ? It's debatable given how powerful CSS is, but that wasn't really your point I guess.

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It's just as with jquery though: the web used to suck. A lot. And many technologies were created to fix the mess that was CSS and Javascript back then; but these days, browsers natively support technologies that are just as good, if not way better in many cases. CSS Grid is, in my opinion, a much better way of describing any sort of grid layout than what CSS frameworks offer, and just because they used to be the best or only way of achieving something, that shouldn't now hold us back from using an even better technology.