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Injecting Angular Environment Variables at Build Time

great article! thanks

Become a better writer as a developer


How newcomers can avoid and prevent unwanted charges on their AWS accounts

great article, thanks

Dockerize your Node app

great article

UX Review every developer should do before writing the code

good article. Thanks for sharing with us!

Scheduling tons of orchestrator functions concurrently in C#

This is a such advanced C# topic. Thanks!

C# Interview Questions for Experienced

Let me consider theses questions. Thanks!

Low Ceremony, High Value: A Tour of Minimal APIs in .NET 6

Thanks for your effort.

Building a Django + Vue.js application with AWS CDK and GitLab CI (also, how to scale Celery workers to zero)


Using IAM Service Account Instead Of Instance Profile For EKS Pods


Microservice Pattern : API Gateway


An actual complete guide to typescript monorepos

Amazing 😍. Thanks!

10 Productivity Hacks for Developers

Thanks! I'll try momentum

Understanding Docker: part 33 – Tools: Skopeo

Cool! Thanks...

API's From Dev to Production - Part 1 - Docker

Great series! Thanks!

Monitoring setup with docker-compose - Part 2: Grafana

Great article. Thanks!

Distributed tracing com Jaeger em NodeJS: Descubra com quem seus microserviços andam conversando

Obrigado! Por este artigo muito util

Microservices in 4 minutes - Introduction to Microservices

Please go ahead and share your lessons with us. Thanks in adv...

Should we cover Program.cs?

Thanks! I already added the tag.

Do you use Linux?

I love Linux. Yes I do!

February 19th, 2021: What did you learn this week?

Write elegant e2e tests for .NET Core web API. Be kind!

Choosing between Netlify, Vercel and Digital Ocean

I'll always recommend use of CDN like netlify and vercel, sin...